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Communicating with Impact By Deborah Eder

What are personal presence skills and how can they be developed? How do we communicate effectively? Most crucially, why is communicating with impact important?  These are the questions that The PR Office’s Account Executives were faced with during a recent training session on verbal communication. Each asked to prepare a short presentation on two client-related […]

An Election Night to Remember by Aaron Bass

Exit polls always are a difficult time for politicians, but the narrative of the 2019 General Election night was defined in the first 30 minutes of the BBC’s coverage.  The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, who had not really been seen or heard during the campaign, could barely cover her smirk as she talked about the […]

Simplicity: the key to electoral success by Tahmid Chowdhury

Each election, we’re told that our votes matter more than ever before. This time, it may actually be true. I can’t remember an election where the Institute for Fiscal Studies criticised both Labour and Conservative spending plans as non-credible. I can’t remember an election where Barnsley was in play for a Tory gain. I can’t […]

Why is the youth vote so disengaged? by Luke Webb

John Curtice, the political scientist, observed last week that the Labour Party was no longer the party of the worker. In fact, Curtice suggested, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn had become the party of the youth. There is good reason for thinking this. A number of headline-grabbing manifesto pledges, including the removal of tuition fees, writing […]

What can we learn about party comms from the Conservative and Labour’s Twitter channels? by Luke Webb

Twitter has become one of the most important political battlegrounds of modern times; as campaigning has moved beyond just traditional methods such as leafletting, a greater emphasis has been placed on social media as a place where messages are developed, and opposition claims attacked. Twitter channels run by political parties offer an insight into how […]