Entries by Aaron Bass

How Israeli Technology Is Driving Us Forward by Marc Cohen

“Data is the new oil,” famously proclaimed Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. General Motors CEO Mary Barra has said that the automobile industry will change more in the next five years than it has in the last 50. There are several factors driving the technological revolution creating the cars of the future, but none more powerful […]

David Vs Goliath – a PR conundrum by Jonny Garfield

It’s often seen as a very “British” character trait to support the underdog. In the world of sport this was memorably displayed when the nation got behind Leicester City as they closed in on the Premier League title a couple of years ago, whilst in politics many saw the previously unfancied Jeremy Corbyn as the […]

The PR Office appoints three new account managers

We’re really pleased to welcome two new additions to the PRO family, with Matt Owen and Adam Smith joining as account managers as well as the promotion of Jonny Garfield to account manager. Prior to joining, Matt worked as a project manager for an ambitious corporate partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and the WEA, the […]

Showcasing Talent – my time at the Best of Belron by Tom Gilby

Recently I was fortunate enough to fly out to Frankfurt for the bi-annual Best of conference, a two day event focused on driving change in the automotive sector, all while celebrating Belron’s technical capabilities through a friendly competition. Walking into the conference centre, surrounded by banners of Belron technicians representing their countries like Olympians I […]

Invest in Israel – The Global Hub for Innovation by Drew Salisbury

Affectionately referred to as the ‘Start-up Nation’, Israel has upheld its reputation as the breeding ground for technological innovation for a number of decades. Indeed, Israel’s transition from a torpid agrarian economy to the palpitating tech superpower of today is nothing short of extraordinary. The pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of this tiny country is the modern-day […]

Local Elections 2018, have they made any difference? by Aaron Bass

‘Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.’ Although Sir Isaac Newton probably had more philosophical matters than local elections in mind, his famous quote seems incredibly apt when discussing this year’s vote. Results that display just how politics has changed and how confused the electorate […]