Public Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation

Public affairs

From stakeholder engagement to public awareness campaigns, we provide the counsel that leads to positive public policy outcomes.

We help organisations identify like-minded public figures, cultivate relationships with key decision makers and create campaigns that build informed opinions.

Each campaign can function either as a stand-alone programme, or be integrated into a wider public relations strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

From identifying the audiences you need to reach to helping you prioritise them and advising on the right engagement strategy, The PR Office works with clients to help them reach the most relevant audiences for their business or organisation.

Having built your stakeholder strategy, The PR Office then advises clients on practical activity, such as providing logistical support and facilitating meetings or events.

Stakeholder engagement activity includes:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Identifying networking events & speaker opportunities

Planning and consultation

We help private individuals, businesses and community groups who need to obtain planning permission.

We work with clients to develop relationships with local media, local interest groups and residents. Our campaigns ensure that all stakeholders feel consulted and involved in the proposed project and planning application process.

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