Message Development, Strategy & Research

Whether you are a new business with no communication background, an established business looking for a change in direction, or a business which just needs to establish what its core values are, we are experts in researching, crafting and delivering game-changing communications.

Solid foundations

The PR Office believes that the best communications are built on solid foundations. To create these foundations we work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your business.

We will review and define:

  • where your business is now
  • where you want it to be
  • your target markets
  • your current opportunities
  • your available resources (and how to better utilise them for maximum impact)
  • positioning and key messages

Intimate understanding

To gain an intimate understanding of positioning and key messages, we will look at the underlying ethos of your company.

We will discover the answers to questions like:

  • which values and services are most important to the business?
  • why should a client choose you over your competitors?
  • what are the issues that keep your clients awake at night?

Strategy definition

The building and implementation of a robust communications strategy will come from the outcome of this, and can be run as a standalone exercise.

This strategy will utilise the PR tools, channels and approaches most relevant to your defined target audience – to appeal to them, engage them, and ultimately influence them.

We help you understand:

  • what your audiences are talking about
  • where these conversations are taking place
  • perceptions of your business
  • where the opportunities and threats lie
  • who is leading these conversations

From this research and insight we are able to advise how to build meaningful strategies. These strategies resonate with your target audience whilst achieving your business objectives.

Let’s discuss message development, research and meaningful strategy.