Events & Product Launches


The PR Office has extensive experience of organising stakeholder events of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • panel debates
  • issues-based round-tables
  • large scale receptions
  • policy forum discussions

Influential audiences

We understand the importance of ensuring that your audience consists of key influencers .

We have a proven track record of securing A-list audiences – from editors to policy makers, leading business representatives (CEOs and MDs) to ambassadors – ensuring your message is received by the people that matter.

It is vitally important that any event that bears your name is meticulously planned and rigorously on-brand, whilst the execution must be faultless.

Product Launches

One size does not fit all

We have launched everything from complex financial products to healthcare supplements to 3D printers, so we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not succeed.

  • You need to tell a captivating story
  • You need to target the correct media
  • You need to answer: ‘Why this?’ and ‘Why now?’
  • Every element of the launch campaign needs to be project managed

Time wisely invested

We pride ourselves on taking the time required to thoroughly understand the wider industry into which any new product is launched.

This dedication ensures your message is appropriately crafted to deliver against each and every strategic target.


From mainstream media to bloggers, social media to point of sale, we develop and consult at every level of a product launch.

We help you to build ecosystems, seed communities (and sell more).

Get in touch to discuss your next launch or event.