The UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF)


In July 2014, the Tricycle Theatre told the UKJFF that it could not host its annual UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) because a proportion of its funding came from the Israeli Embassy. The PR Office was asked to garner support for the UKJFF to ensure that it could continue its work with other venues.

Three key objectives:

  • Gain the support of the Jewish community, before communicating the issue further with national media;
  • Secure the backing of prominent Jewish community leaders to act as spokespeople;
  • Reposition the story to highlight the tensions felt by the Jewish community during the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict;


We identified journalists who had written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Jewish community in the UK. We developed a comprehensive briefing note for journalists to explain the issue and the Jewish community’s position. We collated facts, figures and statements of support from Jewish community leaders.


We secured over 250 pieces of media coverage, including the generation of in-depth comment and thought pieces that meaningfully influenced the debate. The story was published and broadcast in all major outlets including Newsnight, The Guardian, The Times and all Jewish media. Following the campaign, the Tricycle Theatre reversed its decision and agreed to continue to work with the UKJFF.