Kuang-Chi is a world-class Shenzhen-based disruptive technology group, with operations across the globe from China to North America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. In January 2017, Kuang-Chi was making its first UK investment announcement of $30million in Gilo Industries Ltd, a Dorset based advanced aerospace technology company.

The objectives were three-fold; to generate buzz, excitement and profile for Kuang -Chi around the signing of the deal in UK with the international media and key stakeholders, to assist with administration and logistics around an event and to secure attendance of important journalists and other VIP guests.


The Event – The PR Office advised on the location, format and logistics for the event. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors was chosen for its prestige as well as its proximity to Westminster. The team collated the invitee list including MPs, peers and individuals from the technology sector and was responsible for issuing invites, secured attendance and drafted all content including the invitation and presentations. The PR Office also arranged speakers from China-Britain Business Council and the Department for International Trade.

Media Engagement – As well as inviting the media to the event The PR Office advised on the wider media engagement strategy. The PR Office secured an exclusive with the FT on the day of the launch as well as a number of broadcast interviews. The transaction was then announced in a press release to be issued on the day of the event. We recommend keeping the announcement confidential from the time of signing until the morning of the event so as to maximise media interest and potential impact. At the event, we arranged further media interviews, with invited media, and worked with a cameraman and photographer to produce a video and photos to be used in ongoing marketing collateral.


The event was a success and attended by over 100 people across our target audiences. The PR Office achieved 281 pieces of media coverage including The Times, FT, Bloomberg and Sky. In total 11 pieces in the UK national press, and three national broadcast opportunities as well as trade and international coverage. The total reach of the media coverage internationally was over 410 million.