Ateronon is a capsule that can offset the risks of heart disease and strokes. It is developed by CamNutra who wanted to reposition Ateronon as a leading preventative heart health supplement. For launch there was three key objectives:

  • Successfully launch the report to generate media interest and buzz;
  • Introduce and communicate the benefits of Ateronon’s LactoLycopene formula to a new and expanding heart health audience;
  • Ensure, as much as possible, that media articles contained firstly “Ateronon” or secondly “tomato pill” – [Ateronon is packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes that is easy for the body to absorb].



Prepared a package of materials to offer the media including a press release, the report, case studies and interviews. Launched the report to a consumer health and fitness media audience. Drove further awareness and conversation by also distributing content via key social channels. Supported the Ateronon presence at the British Cardiovascular Society conference where it hosted a symposium.


In the week of launch 196 pieces of coverage secured across national, broadcast, regional, international and online; 174 articles mentioned “Ateronon”; Over 80% of all coverage led with the headline including either “Ateronon” or “tomato pill”; during the month of the launch the website saw an uplift in online purchases of 131% when compared to the same time the previous year.