Change, grow, live


To position the health and social care charity, previously the Crime Reduction Initiative, as the leading provider of support to people dealing with addiction, homelessness and domestic abuse. Integral to the programme is to raise awareness of the charity to commissioning bodies and decision-makers.


The PR Office runs a busy national and regional press office for change, grow, live, advising its individual services in towns and cities across England and Wales on profile building, positioning and issues management. On a national level, we regularly identify story angles and media opportunities. The team also drafts and places thought-leadership articles, in-depth case studies and features as well as running campaigns. For example CRI’s Strange Molecules campaign and the launch of which called for more education and sought to  change the name of ‘legal highs’ to strange molecules as well as exposing the risks of New Psychoactive Substances.


Change, grow, live’s expertise and models of best practice are regularly highlighted through meaningful, in-depth and impactful media coverage. Following media campaigns change, grow, live has reported an increase in the number of referrals to its services across England and Wales. There has also been a steady increase in requests from journalists from national and local media for change, grow, live to provide expert comment on relevant stories.

The launch of the Strange Molecules campaign resulted in 100 pieces of coverage across 36 media outlets in broadcast, national print and online media.