Byrne and Partners


As part of The PR Office’s work with Byrne and Partners, a civil and criminal litigation law firm, the team was tasked with highlighting the successful defence of a high-profile client named Mr Bruno Iksil, also known as “The London Whale”. The objective was to outline Byrne and Partners’ role in successfully defending Mr Iksil – for whom all charges were dropped by the FCA. This was to be achieved while carefully managing the way the story was reported to ensure nothing overly inflammatory was written.


Having successfully implemented a press meeting programme throughout the year, the team were able to quickly set up a series of briefing calls with key journalists across financial, national and legal media. The PR Office also drafted an official statement, liaising with the US legal team to ensure joined up messaging and approach to media. This comment was initially sent to those journalists the client had briefed and then issued more widely the following day.

The Results

The case was written about in the tone desired by the client and was covered all over the world – from the UK and mainland Europe to the United States and Australia – in both print media, newswires and blogs. Key titles included The FT, WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Lawyer.

The client is now recognised as the law firm to have successfully defended Bruno Iksil in one of the most high profile banking loss cases.